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We would love to help you produce your next book!


BEN HERSKOWITZ ( has been working creatively for as long as he can remember.

After graduating from The School of Visual Arts of NYC in 1980, he has worked in advertising, and graphic design ever since.

His design work has included producing many books, book covers, unique international award-winning posters, brochures, web design, logos, newsletters, in fact any and all printed and electronic matter.

In addition, he has created many successful advertising campaigns; sometimes producing the copywriting too.

He also enjoys creating in all types of mediums – acrylics and oil paintings, mosaics, web design, sculptures, as well as original Judaica items.

is the manager of Kochav Press. He is the author of 3 books, including the best-selling tour guide “In and Around Jerusalem for Everyone.”

He has used both traditional and print-on-demand printing companies.

Dr. Slyper lives in Israel and would love to help you produce your next book. He will plan with you its production and coordinate its printing using the full array of facilities now available in Israel and the US.

He believes that an effective publicity campaign is an essential part of producing a book and will provide you with initial direction on how to do this


  • We can produce a book for you at different levels.

1. If you will not be selling your book via the internet and wish for only a limited number of books to be printed in Israel, contact Benjie Herskowitz directly at 972-50-699-3226 or email: There are no additional fees other than the design and typesetting charges. Your book will not be under the Kochav Press label.

2. Otherwise, contact Arnold Slyper at After an initial consultation, an administrative fee of 1000 NIS or $310 is payable to process your book. 

  • Your book will be typeset by Benjie Herskowitz. He is an experienced graphic artist and typesetter and he will provide you with individualized service. This is particularly important when designing a book cover as this is your "calling card" on such websites as Amazon and Ingram.

  • We explain the pros and cons of using print-on-demand versus traditional printing and of using two print-on-demand companies rather than just one. 


  • All books published under the Kochav Press label will require professional editing and the expense of this should be taken into account. We will review with you different forms of book editing and find for you an editor that meets your budget and your requirements. We can still prepare your book for printing without editing, but it will not be under the Kochav Press label. 

  • We will help you upload your manuscript and book cover files (that we designed and laid-out) to one print-on-demand company (usually Amazon or Ingram) at no additional charge. If you require more than one, there is a charge of $95 per upload. We can also transfer your laid-out book files to an Israeli printing company at no additional charge. We can oversee the production of the printing of your books in Israel at a fee of $95 per hour.

  • We can coordinate book deliveries within Israel and from Israel to the US. Payment for any deliveries is the responsibility of the author.

  • Planning the marketing of your book is as important as writing and printing it (unless you are just publishing it for yourself and your family). Rarely do books sell themselves. Unlike some US distribution companies with no direct investment in your book, Kochav Press will point you in the right direction.


​This discussion may include the following:


  • The need for a media release. Web links will be provided on how to write this.


  • The need for finding reviewers for your book. Web links will be provided on how to do this.


  • We can provide you with an extensive list of Jewish magazines and newspapers (with contact information) that can be approached regarding reviewing your book.

  • We can provide you with a listing and contact information for all the Jewish bookstores in the United States and advise you how to approach them. This can be an invaluable resource for selling your book.


  • A good eye-catching promotional video can be very helpful in driving sales with social media. We can recommend the names of affordable videographers who make short promotional movies for Facebook and YouTube. 


  • We can direct you to an experienced publicist who will work with you to develop an individual marketing plan over one or several sessions at an hourly rate (NIS 300 or $95 an hour). She can also help with more intense publicity extending over several months. This should preferably be commenced many months before the book is published.


  • Our graphic artist can produce newspaper and magazine ads for you. There is an additional charge for this service.


  • As an author publishing under the Kochav Press label, your book will be displayed on our website ( If your book fits the mission of Kochav Press, we can also provide you with an individual page on our website. This will summarize your book, describe your qualifications, provide a link to your YouTube videos, and display reviews of your book. This will save you from having to set up your own website. There is an annual charge for doing this. There is also the possibility of linking your page to a free sales website so you can sell your book from your home. There is a small additional charge for using this link on our website.


This is what our recent clients had to say about our individualized services:

 "The folks at Kohav Press provided thoughtful and professional services, and I was very pleased with how my children's picture book turned out." (Yona Dansky, author of Wishes and Knishes)

"As a first-time author, Kochav Press provided me with invaluable services. My heartfelt thanks go to: Dr. Arnold Slyper, manager of Kochav Press, who believed in this project from the start, and facilitated every step of the publishing process, including advising about ISBNs, educating about KDP, and liaising with professional services providers; to Ben (Benjie) Herskowitz for his elegant cover design, sophisticated typeset­ting, compliments, and appreciation of the book’s Yiddishisms; and to editor Susan de la Fuente, for her significant structural and other stylistic improvements, candor and patience." (Marilyn Safran, author of Day Basis).



Legal. All copyright issues in terms of using other's work for your book are the responsibility of the author. At the present time, Kochav Press is not a registered company but a label for the work of its associates. All the associates are legally responsible for their own work and not Kochav Press. If you request this, we will proffer advice to maximize your sales but none of the associates is legally responsible if the results do not meet the author's expectations.. Copyright for your book is maintained by you as an author and not Kochav Press.

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