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David and Goliath With A Twist
The Biblical Story of David and Goliath Retold in a Modern Fashion
by Benjie Herskowitz          



Available as a soft back from Amazon CLICK HERE

And on KINDLE here

The biblical story of David and Goliath is told by a parent to a child using expressions and "clichés" which will tickle the imagination of your child.


Hearing the David story, the child imagines the expressions in a literal manner, causing much fun! 13 different expressions like -- "Butterflies In Your Stomach" and "You Could Hear A Pin Drop" are presented in vivid, full color double spread illustrations adding to the fun.


This is the first in the series followed by the Amazon Best Selling holiday book -- "Passover With A Twist".

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"This cleverly written story, with explanations of each cliche and brightly colored, cartoon-like illustrations, helps get the point across to the younger readers.  It is a great story for those with a sense of humor. 

The author also includes a cliche definition page. This could be a great addition to any Jewish day school library as well as an English lesson on the use of cliches."


Lisa Katz, The Association of Jewish Libraries 

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