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There is an administrative charge of $310 (NIS 1000) for use of all our services, except when only printing books in Israel via the services of Ben Herskowitz (

The above fee includes the use of the Kochav label if the quality of your book is acceptable to us or can be made so by editing. All our services are available to you for this fee whether or not your book is accepted to be published by Kochav Press. There is no refund if your book is not accepted for inclusion under the Kochav Press label.

All fees are generated by the associates of Kochav Press and they and not Kochav Press are responsible for their contribution to the production of your book. Matters associated with your book, such as copyright issues, are your responsibility as author. Prices quoted on this website do not include a 17% VAT charge for Israelis. There is no VAT charge for non-Israeli clients. The administrative charge is payable in full before any services can be provided. For all other services (other than publicity fees), 2/3 of the fee is payable in advance and the remainder on completion of the work. Payments for publicity need to be discussed with the associate involved.



  1. Standard Book Design and Layout – Including 2 rounds of minor changes

               150 pages     $   950 or NIS 3,600

               250 pages     $1,400 or NIS 5,320

               350 pages     $1,985 or NIS 7,540

More complex material requiring non-standard design and layout – pricing according to the job.

   2.  Cover Design – including 2 options          

a) Front cover only                          $550 or NIS 2,100

b) Front, spine and back covers      $690 or NIS 2,625

   3. Production of an E- book:

       Simple = $95 or NIS 360

   4.  More complex (table of contents, footnotes, links) = $295 or NIS 1,120


   5.  Scanning of photos or documents                 $8 or NIS 30 per item


   6.  Retouching of photos or documents              $15 or NIS 57 per item (depending on complexity)


   7.  Changes to your manuscript or cover


Print-on-demand does allow you the possibility of making changes to your manuscript and/or book cover. This can be useful, for example, for adding positive comments from reviewers to the back cover of the book. There may be a small charge from the print-on-demand company for doing this. Our typesetter can help you with this at an hourly rate.


In the OUR SERVICES section you can learn about our many Print-On-Demand services for AMAZON, INGRAM and others.


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