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"In and Around Jerusalem --

The Best Hikes, Walks and Outdoor Swimming"

Published by Kochav Press

This 318-page beautifully illustrated book contains the best 20 walks in Jerusalem and 23 hikes in areas around Jerusalem, including the Judean Desert. Most of the hikes are easily reachable by public transport, and include Waze and Moovit destinations.

Most of the chapters contain descriptions of nearby fun attractions such as museums, workshops and amusement parks together with a QR code. Throughout the book are short engaging essays on the historic and geographic significance of the places being visited. There is also a section on natural pools suitable for swimming and outdoor swimming pools. With this book in your hand you have everything you would love to know about Jerusalem and the areas around Jerusalem! 

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"In and Around Jerusalem for Everyone" is available in the following Jerusalem bookstores:

Pomeranz Booksellers in the center of Jerusalem (will also deliver - 02-623 5559), Moriah Bookstore , The Temple Institute in the Old City, Shorashim of the Old City in the Old City, Dani Books in the center of Jerusalem, Katamon Books (45 HaPalmach St, Jerusalem), Rehavia Bookstore (34 Azza, Jerusalem), Sefer ve Sefel (Ya'avetz St in the center of town), Tarshisha on Aggripas, Cohen Sefarim on Mea She'arim St, and the OU Center on Keren Hayesod.

The book is also available on Amazon with delivery to Israel. Click here.

To buy the book in Israel in NIS by PayPal with free delivery within Israel by regular mail -  Click here.

Reviews about "In and Around Jerusalem for Everyone"


Abigail Leichman, book review for the Jerusalem Post Magazine, April 2021
In and Around Jerusalem for Everyone really is for everyone, whether you are reading it on the trail or on your couch. . .  What makes this book fascinating reading - even for non-walkers - are essays on the historic, biblical and geographic significance of each area mentioned. A timeline helps put in perspective the long history of this terrain. By way of walking and hiking Jerusalem's neighborhoods and historic/religious sites - Jewish, Christian and Muslim - you'll learn about personalities such as King David, Herod the Great, Omar ibn al-Khattab, Eliezer ben Yehuda, Dr. Abraham and Anna Ticho and Teddy Kolleck. 

Mechael Pomeranz, proprietor of the Jerusalem bookstore that bears his family name)

“In and Around Jerusalem for Everyone by Arnold Slyper is a masterpiece.  It is the best and most useful book I have ever seen on Jerusalem and its environs that is practical and applicable to today’s treasure hunters. Please take this book and learn about our Holy City  and our Holy Land.  Surprise your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend and take them to a romantic place they otherwise would not know about had it not been brought so easily to your eyes through this book”  

Post by Barnea Selevan (well-known tour guide and archeologist) to other tour guides: 

"Hevre, I am so impressed - comprehensive, artistic, functional, like no other single book I have seen. Remember I am the author of an Old City guide book, so I know what is involved - Amazing job. I disagree on some religious points, you could always add this or that. I highly recommend it as a resource especially for newer guides. If I was me, I would go to Nefesh beNefesh and say to them buy this in bulk and give it to every new oleh to enjoy and appreciate Jerusalem with the family. Wonderful.”

Communication from Stephen Darori (professional book reviewer ) 

"I own every contemporary guidebook on Israel, and quite a few dozen guidebooks, monographs and travelogues long out of print going back two centuries or more, and your book, especially in terms of accuracy, ease of use, format and illustration, in many respects is top of the pile."

Newspaper and website reviews of "In and Around Jerusalem for Everyone":


A new tour book shows you the Jerusalem you’re looking for In and Around Jerusalem for Everyone really is for everyone, whether you’re reading it on the trail or on your couch.

By Abigail Klein Leichman, Jerusalem Post, April 8 2021 Click here for the full review

3 favorite places to experience Jerusalem on foot

To fully appreciate the remarkable beauty and history of Jerusalem, it’s better to get your walking shoes on. Writer Arnold Slyper takes us on his favorite walks. Published by Israel21c in September 2021.

Click here for the full review.

Congratulatory letter from the President of Israel Chaim Herzog

About the author:

Dr. Arnold Slyper was previously a pediatric endocrinologist in a hospital-based practice in the United States where he was also a full Professor of Pediatrics. He has a particular interest in pediatric obesity and nutrition and has written numerous scientific articles. Dr. Slyper has long advocated the importance of carbohydrate quality and the Mediterranean diet for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and obesity rather than fat restriction. Since moving to Israel he has become involved in his other passions – Jewish history and philosophy, hiking and writing. He is now involved in opening up the beauty of the Land of Israel and the fascination of its history to English-speaking residents and visitors. He has published a book on hikes and walks in and around Jerusalem and a website on the north of Israel ( A soon-to-be released book is on the history of Jewish, Christian and Islamic messianism, including how the messianism of Christianity and Islam developed from that of Judaism and eventually came into conflict with it.

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