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Submitting Your Manuscript to Kochav Press

If you are interested in producing your book for Amazon and for American and Israeli bookstores using the Kochav Press label:

STEP 1. The first step is to arrange an approximately 20-minute meeting with Dr. Arnold Slyper, usually on-line and at no cost to you, to review the services provided by Kochav Press and to answer any questions you may have. At this meeting he will review with you the benefits of publishing under a recognized publishing company versus not doing so. He will explain in general terms the pros and cons of using print-on-demand versus traditional printing. Also, for using two print-on-demand companies rather than one. His contact email is


STEP 2. Please provide the following:

(1). 3 sample chapters of your book.

(2). A brief summary of each chapter.

(3). A summary of your book such as you would use for Amazon.

(4). A brief biography of yourself such as you would use for Amazon (note that 3 and 4 are not a waste of time for you as you will need this for Amazon - so why not start working on it now?)

(5). Answers to the following three questions: What is unique about your book? Who is its intended audience? How do you intend reaching out to this audience? This information will help both of us formulate an appropriate plan for your book. Send this information to

STEP 3. Payment of the administrative fee - $310 (NIS 1000).  

STEP 4. Second meeting with Arnold Slyper to review the answers to the initial questions posed, discussion of the need for professional editing if your book is published under the Kochav Press label, printing options to maximize your royalties, and pricing of your project. 

STEP 5. An initial meeting will be held, usually on-line, with our graphic artist Ben Herskowitz. He will discuss with you in general terms the typesetting and cover of your book, the format of your book, the type of paper you will be using, font size, size of book, and the number of final pages. This information is needed to be able to price out your project.

If you're interested in producing your book for yourself or friends and family members -- please contact Ben Herskowitz directly:
or call 972-50-6993226
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