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Recent Publications

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In L'Histoire de la Famile Grundman
Charlotte Grundman

נהר הסמבטיון
ועשרת השבטים שמעבר להרי החושך
מאת אביגדור שחן

Off The Wall
Volume 2
by Rabbi Jay Karzen


The Jewish Bride
Stories and Poems
by Moshe Sonnheim


KOCHAV PRESS is a new, dynamic, up-and-coming, Israeli publishing company that produces quality books in a cost-effective way on topics of Jewish interest and related to Israel. Our services are individualized. We use both traditional printing and print-on-demand and advise as to which method best meets your objectives. Our experienced professionals offer direction in all aspects necessary to produce your book for Amazon, American bookstores and printing in Israel with the aim of maximizing your royalties. Selling your book is your responsibility, but we will provide you with lots of advice to help you succeed. We can also distribute your book within Israel for large orders.

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